Since 2001, NOMAD MGMT has been recognized as one of the most respected personal management companies in the fashion industry.

In 2016, supermodel COCO ROCHA joined NOMAD as an owner and model, bringing with her a team of managers to make NOMAD a full-fledged global booking agency for many of its select talent.  Now, with decades of experience on the talent, management and agency sides of the business, NOMAD MGMT continues to put an emphasis on personal management through its main office which operates out of New York and Miami. Strongly positioned as a boutique brand, the teams at NOMAD are able to nimbly adapt to the ever-changing face of our industry and focus on each client individually by providing a rare 360-degree perspective on the industry. 

Says Brand Director and NOMAD mentor Coco Rocha, “Having worked with many of the world’s top modeling agencies for the last decade and a half, I’ve seen first-hand what works and doesn't work in managing a model’s career. In the past I've publicly appealed to industry leaders regarding the ethical treatment of underage models, transparent agency accounting practices and regarding pressures and unhealthy expectations too often projected on models working today. I'm so proud to partner with a group of agents and managers that I've personally admired and respected for many years to further those ideals, establishing NOMAD as a world-class agency where the model comes first. My own career is testimony to the fact that no model becomes a success all by themselves – I would not be where I am today without a strong and visionary team around me; the exact same team I now join as a Director and Mentor at NOMAD.” Tellingly, in our industry’s jargon, modeling agencies use the word “clients” to refer to the buyers of their model’s and talent's services.  At NOMAD, we feel the reverse is true: that our clients are the Models and Talent we represent and work for.

As an agency founded by models, for models, we feel that the best path to long-term success for everyone involved is to unfailingly work in our client's best interests. At NOMAD, we understand that each client is unique and do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to model management. NOMAD's clients have appeared in advertising campaigns for virtually every high fashion brand, mass-market retailer and leading beauty company around the globe. Additionally, our clients are continually featured on the covers and pages of the top international and regional fashion magazines. That having been said, a successful career does not begin or end with landing a respected magazine cover or leading campaign. True long-term success requires a full-service management team which focuses on routine but essential matters such as accounting, international taxes, contract negotiations, legal referrals, timely visa processing and much more. At NOMAD our mangers, owners and clients treat the industry as a business, not a lifestyle.


NOMAD MGMT also provides placement services for other management companies, booking agencies and mother agencies who may not be as familiar with the various and contrasting career opportunities available throughout Asia. Our knowledge of these distant markets and our partnerships there, such as the NOMAD MGMT VIETNAM office opened in 2017, are not merely based on telephone or email contact. They are grounded in first-hand experience of having lived and worked for many years in multiple Asian cities. Each year, we also return to some of the staple markets like Tokyo and Singapore, as well as explore, investigate and work to build emerging markets such as Ho Chi Minh City. This allows us not only to keep up with the changes in these far away markets, but also to get a feel for the safety of these cities, visit the apartments where the models will stay, and experience the particulars of each country’s airport and immigration process. For Asian placement inquiries, please contact our team at: [email protected]